Terms of Services

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Breau Technologies's services, located at https://breautech.com/.

By accessing this website and/or purchasing services we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Breau Technologies if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and all Agreements: "Client", "You" and "Your" refers to you, the person log on this website and compliant to the Company’s terms and conditions. "The Company", "Ourselves", "We", "Our" and "Us", refers to our Company. "Party", "Parties", or "Us", refers to both the Client and ourselves.

These Terms and Conditions of Services are subject to change at anytime, we will do our best to send a notification VIA email to our customers with the updated terms, but it is your responsibility to come and have a look to our Terms occasionally.

Eligibility Criteria of Breau Technologies

The services offered through the BreauTech Web Site are available only to persons who have the legal capacity to contract, among others, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, our services are available only to persons aged 18 and over. If you are under the age of 18, you can use the BreauTech Web Site only with the permission and under the supervision of your parents or legal guardian. BreauTech also reserves the right to restrict the use of the Site to members who have been temporarily or permanently suspended. If your registration is made on behalf of a corporation, you certify that you are a duly authorized representative of that corporation.

Responsibility for Content

You agree that you are solely responsible for the content stored on and served on your BreauTech account(s). You further agree that you are responsible for all activity in your account, whether initiated by you, by others on your behalf, or by any other means. BreauTech disclaims liability for any activity in your account, whether authorized by you or not.

Account Suspension and Cancellation

BreauTech can suspend or terminate without prior notice any accounts that do not comply with these Terms and Services in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for our clients.

BreauTech will attempt to notify you in case of account suspensions or cancellations. In some circumstances, BreauTech may suspend an account without prior warning to avoid serious harm or service degradation.

You may cancel your account and prevent an automatic renewal by requesting a cancellation through the helpdesk at least 10 days prior to your service’s expiry date. The cancellation request must include all the necessary details to allow a BreauTech agent to properly identify the account in question, including your full domain name and hosting account type.

Site Transfers

In most cases, BreauTech can help move your website from any other compatible web hosting provider (also called a website migration). However, transfers are provided as a courtesy service, and BreauTech can not make guarantees regarding the availability, accuracy, possibility, or time required to complete such a transfer. Each hosting company is different, and some hosting platforms save data in an incompatible or proprietary format, which may make it difficult or impossible to migrate some or all account data. We will try our best, but in some cases we may be unable to assist you in a transfer of data from an old host.

A free site transfer service request can be made within 30 days of a new web hosting, reseller hosting, Cloud or Dedicated server order by opening a Helpdesk Request which includes all necessary information to allow us to connect to your other provider's account and retrieve all your data. Unless otherwise confirmed in writing.

Domain Registration

We offer domains on certain annual package, we do not guarantee your domain will be available upon registration/order of your service. If the domain requested is not available, we will do our best to work with you and find a domain name for your website.

Domain registration are not refundable, once you have registered a domain you cannot change or cancel it.

Payments/Prices for Services

Most of our Web Hosting plans will show as 0$ on the product list page, until you choose which package you would like to go for then it will show you the price for the service.

For Custom Development prices varies depending on projects, please contact us for a quote with your project details.

All payments must be made in Canadian dollars unless stated otherwise. A first payment is required prior to the activation of a service, and all the following invoices must be paid in full prior to their due date.

Once payment receive allow us up to 24 hours to setup your new account (assuming no information is missing or required from you). You will receive an email notification to your registered email with your account information.

Payments are due on the anniversary date of the service and a PayPal invoice will be automatically sent to your registered email for payments in our system. If you fail to do a payment on your account by the due date, Breau Technologies reserves the right to suspend your account until full payment is made, which means your website will not longer be active. After 5 days of non payment and if we did not hear from you we will go ahead and Terminate your service and delete data and backups from our servers. This means you will not be able to retrieve your website/database or information.

It is important to get in touch with us if you cannot make a payment on time, we are willing to work with you so you can keep your website up and running.

All sales/transactions are final, no refund on any purchase.


Most of the hosting package will have some type of backup included, our backup run once per day at midnight. If you need a restore please send us a ticket via our Helpdesk and we will schedule a restore on your site.

Service Guarantees

  1. Guaranteed Technical Support in 24 hours or less
    1. BreauTech guarantees a response to technical support questions received through our helpdesk system within a maximum of 24 hours (although we normally reply much faster ). This guarantee does not apply to incomplete support requests, requests that do not reach us (due to inappropriate use of the helpdesk support system), requests not directly linked to the services provided by us or that fall outside the scope of our service support, requests that have been responded to but require additional resolution time, or requests that cannot be answered due to causes outside of our direct control.

  2. Guaranteed Server Availability
    1. BreauTech understands the importance of having a continuously available web site and guarantees a server availability (or “uptime”) of 99.9%.

      Any scheduled maintenance outage will not be considered when computing monthly uptime. Localized outages due to Internet network conditions outside of our control will also not be considered when computing monthly uptime, nor will incorrect DNS or account manipulations by the Client, including programming errors or script errors.

Force Majeure

BreauTech will make every effort to keep its web site and services operational. However, certain technical difficulties and other factors outside of its control may, from time to time, result in temporary service interruptions. You agree not to hold BreauTech liable for any of the consequences of such interruptions.