Domain Policy

Availability and Registration

BreauTech can only register on your behalf domain names that have not already been registered and thus are deemed to be available. BreauTech makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the results provided by the Domain Name Search tool. Payment of a domain name registration does not immediately guarantee the registration of that domain. You will be sent a domain registration confirmation once BreauTech has confirmed your registration, normally within 24 hours of your order. In the event that a purchased domain name is not available or cannot be registered, our support staff may assist you in finding an alternate available domain name, or refund your purchase.


You are responsible for renewing your domain names with BreauTech before the expiration date. BreauTech will issue renewal notices and renewal invoices by email prior to your domain’s expiry date in order to facilitate the renewal process, and will attempt to renew domains on your behalf following receipt of payment. BreauTech will send you a confirmation email if the domain has been successfully renewed. If you do have a domain name and web hosting/service associated with it there is a good chance the date of renewal will be sync together. In these case the renewal notification email will have that information. 

BreauTech will generate renewal invoices automatically for all your active domains at least 30 days prior to their expiration date. When we generate a new invoice, we'll send you an email with a copy of the invoice and will also make the invoice available in your sekf serve portal.

You must maintain an active email address on file with us at all times in order to receive important account information, including invoices and expiry notices.

In most cases, expired domain names can be renewed for up to 30 days following their expiration at the regular renewal rate; however, due to varying conditions based on the type of domain purchased (also known as Top-Level Domain, or “TLD”), BreauTech cannot guarantee the successful renewal of an expired domain name. BreauTech will make all reasonable efforts to secure a domain’s renewal once payment is received, but cannot guarantee any specific results. In the event that a paid renewal cannot be completed, paid renewal fees will be refunded.

Certain domains that expire beyond a certain number of days can enter a special state called a “Redemption Period” in which they may not be transferred or renewed. The Client may reactivate a domain name in its Redemption Period at an additional cost, by contacting BreauTech.

Domain Agent Authorization

By having your domain registered with Breau Technologies, you are authorizing BreauTech to act as your Designated Agent and to authorize registrant contact information changes on your behalf.

Questions and Conerns

If you have any questions regarding the domain policy, please raise a ticket via our helpdesk.