Breau Technologies


Fast & Reliable

If our services is slow or down, then you are loosing customers.

Mobile First

All of our custom web application are mobile friendly so you can work on the go on any mobile screen you like!

Free Analytics

With our service(s) we are able to provide you with free web analytics if you need it.

Embrace Open Source

We also strongly believe in providing open source solutions to our customers whenever possible.

  • .NET App Solutions
  • Responsive & Secure
  • eCommerce Solutions

.NET Application Development

We use the .NET framework to program applications for windows or your web application needs. We develop, manage and optimise app, server apps, embedded software, libraries.

Responsive, Fast, Scalable & Secure Web Applications

We produce high quality code by following best practices laid out by industry giants and staying up to date on the latest evolution in technology frameworks.

Build, grow and manage your business

Our custom eCommerce solutions are here to help you start in the online market world. We will build/setup solutions for you and assist you through your journey!

From a seamless checkout experience to flexible returns, our e-commerce solutions can help you establish a loyal shopper base, increase shopping frequency and drive growth for your business. We’ll help you give your customers what they expect online – a better end-to-end shopping and receiving experience.